Pre Planning Enquiry

As part of Codes for Adoption, from the 1st January, 2021, all Pre-planning applications that you send through to us will require a standard set of information.

Rippling water

As part of Codes for Adoption, from the 1st January, 2021, all Pre-planning applications that you send through to us will require a standard set of information.

Please complete and return the form below if you need information about supplying water to your proposed development (usually at land purchase stage).

You will need

  • Site location plan
  • Site layout plan
  • The information found in the 'What you'll need' section, below.

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Apply online

You can also download and print this PDF or fill it out using Adobe Acrobat Reader.

What you'll need

  • List of the minimum information table
  • Satisfactory completion of the relevant Water Company form
  • Defined Site boundary - Site boundary plan shall be provided in a format able to be electronically accessed by the Water Company. If available at this stage a CAD layout plan should be provided unmarked and with controlled reference and revision numbers and dates.
  • Expected site usage/quantity and types of buildings proposed.
  • Estimated meter supply of water required to first plot.
  • If the customer has a preference, indicate Site entrance i.e. Where the permanent Source of Water (SoW) could be delivered to Site.
  • Estimate of the quantity and types of buildings proposed within the first 5, 10, 15 years to include; commercial supply requirements including; internal fitments, flow rates, details of storage tanks, process water requirements.

What you'll receive

Within 5 calendar days we will acknowledge receipt of a complete and/or incomplete application.  Provide Water Company reference and nominated contact to support future communication.

Within 21 calendar days we will send you a Pre-Planning report (please be mindful that Information produced at this stage will be draft and subject to a final review and confirmation in the subsequent stages.)

Pre-planning enquiry report:

  • This is to be based on the expected development parameters
  • The Point of Connection (PoC) on the existing Network is to be identified relative to the Site entrance indicated by the Customer.
  • Any recommendation for an alternative or technically preferred Point of Connection is to be identified with reasons provided (if known at this early stage). If the report highlights multiple options, the rationale for any recommended option should be provided.
  • The Water Company will review and indicate any technical constraints to minimize the impact on development programme.
  • Specify the validity period of the pre-planning report
  • Information about our ability to supply water to your site
  • A copy of our mains records for the area
  • Details of any diversions or additional work required on our network in order to meet the required demand
  • Indicative costs for diversions or additional work on our water network, where applicable
  • Details of whether the development can be gravity fed or whether it will require pumps/storage
  • Please be advised that you will not receive an estimate in response to this application form.

For an estimate, you'll find the relevant forms on our servicesmains or self lay page, depending on the nature of your development.