Sewer Requisition

We can provide you with a public sewer for the removal of flows from lavatories, water used for cooking and washing and for the removal of surface water.

A public sewer may only be requisitioned if it serves two or more properties, on which there are or will be buildings. A lateral drain (serves only 1 property) may also be provided from the site boundary to the existing public sewer.

Public sewers and lateral drains may only be requisitioned by the owner or occupier of premises, or the relevant local authority. Domestic purposes do not include the removal of water used for business purposes.

What do you need to do?

You must notify us in writing (also known as serving notice) and send us a location plan with a site layout showing the developers proposals.

To be valid, the sewer must:

1. Serve more than one property (except for a lateral drain).
2. Be in an area not already sewered.
3. Be located on development land.
4. Requested by a person entitled to do so.

What happens next?

On receipt of a valid application, we'll request an advance payment to undertake a feasibility study and prepare robust estimates (see sewer requisition guidance notes). If the estimates are acceptable, a formal agreement (see the financial conditions described in the guidance notes) supported by either a cash bond or surety will be put in place after which the sewers can be laid.

On completion of the works and when the final costs are known, we will determine the amount of the payment due to us, in accordance with OFWAT guidelines.