Sewer Adoptions

If you wish to offer any newly-constructed or existing sewers, pumping stations or even treatment works for adoption, we can help. Will assist in guiding you through the process, and will ensure that the assets meet the required standards to allow them to be adopted as public sewers.

Yorkshire Water is the Statutory Sewerage Undertaker for the Yorkshire Region, however if you wish you can approach a New Appointment and Variation to adopt your sewer network, for details please use the Ofwat website.

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What happens next?

• Developer submits a completed application form and suitable drawings to us for approval before work begins on site.

• We issue technical approval and charge standard fees as set out in SFA6.

• The developer enters into a legal agreement, known as a Section 104 agreement with us and is then able to begin building the sewer(s).

• Our inspection team monitors the construction work on site.

• The developer provides us with 'as built' drawings of the development site.

• When the sewer network on the site is fully constructed and there is 51% occupancy on the site, the developer can request a pre-maintenance inspection.

• If the sewers are found to be satisfactory, then the maintenance period (of typically 12 months) can commence.

• A final inspection is arranged just before the end of the maintenance period.

• Once any outstanding remedial works are completed, we will arrange to adopt the sewers.

• Once adopted, the sewers become public sewers and we're responsible for the maintenance and repair.

Please do not hesitate to contact the Sewerage Technical Team within Developer Services for guidance or any queries relating to adoptions, on 0345 120 84 82. Alternatively email technical.sewerage@yorkshirewater.co.uk

Sewer Adoptions Forms and Guidance:

The document below details the annual fees for our Sewerage Technical applications and services provided by Developer Services.