Our plans for the future

Around our website, you may have seen that we often say that the work we do is part of our Blueprint for Yorkshire, but what exactly does that mean?

Baitings Reservoir

We've created a new plan; a plan that we have called Blueprint. It’s making us challenge the way we do things, as well as how we supply safe drinking water to a growing population and deal with waste water too. How we minimise our impact on the environment and continue to save water is another challenge, as is finding ways to keep customers' bills low while still investing for the future. And how we do all this and still deliver the level of service you expect and value is important as well.

Blueprint is about being honest, keeping our promises and listening to all our customers. Find out more below about how our 25-year strategy, our five-year business plan and how our customers are helping to shape our future plans by watching the video below

Washing Line

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Our Blueprint for Yorkshire