Equality, diversity & inclusion

Yorkshire is a wonderfully diverse place. We want to become an organisation that represents that.

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Our strategy

We’re committed to providing a diverse and inclusive working environment where all our people are treated equally. We launched our equality, diversity and inclusion strategy which sits within our overall 10-year business strategy. It has three focus areas:

Embracing our differences

We understand and embrace our differences and seek to increase our diversity to be representative of Yorkshire.

Active commitment to equality, diversity and inclusion

Equip our colleagues with the awareness and confidence to have open communication on ED&I and take action.

Achieving an inclusive culture

We’re going to continue to build our culture, creating an inclusive workplace where everyone feels involved, respected and encouraged to do a fantastic job.

Our employee networks

Each of these are sponsored by a member of our executive team. These networks provide a safe space and community for our colleagues to come together to celebrate, build community and to support our work on equality, diversity and inclusion.

Armed forces network

We know that adjusting to life outside of the military can be a challenge, so we want to better support our colleagues when they need it. We know this can really help our colleagues in their careers with the business. We’re also a member of the Armed Forces Covenant. This means those who serve, or have served, are treated with the fairness and respect that they deserve.

LGBT+ network

The LGBT+ network come together to celebrate and listen to the diverse voices, talk about their experiences, fundraise for local organisations supporting LGBT+ people across Yorkshire and build connections with colleagues across Yorkshire Water.

Race & ethnicity network

The race and ethnicity network aims to create a safe space for colleagues of all races and ethnicities. A space in which people can share their ideas and learn how we can all support each other in the work place.​

Family network

This network is for colleagues who offer love, care, provision and protection to young people. It's all about working together on the ups and downs of family life.

Disability & neurodiversity network

This is a group for all colleagues with additional needs, accessibility issues and neurodiversity. It’s also for those who identify as having a disability as well as for our colleagues who are a parent/carer for a loved one who does.

Women & gender network

The women and gender network aims to drive action and change to improve equality, diversity and inclusion at Yorkshire Water.
To achieve this, the network raises awareness of issues that are specific to gender and creates a safe space to connect and share experiences.

Within our women and gender network, we have the menopause group and women in engineering group.

Women in engineering group

The women in engineering group is an open community and safe space for women in our engineering teams. The group is about people building a network and sense of community in what can be for some, quite isolating roles. We’re tackling challenges facing women in engineering, inspiring the next generation of women working in STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) roles.

Menopause group

The menopause group aims to provide a safe space for women and others to come together, share their experiences and resources.

Gender pay gap

All companies with more than 250 employees are required to publish their gender pay gap data. Yorkshire Water, and our sister company Loop Customer Management, employ around 3,500 colleagues in the region. The methodology for calculating the gender pay gap and its reporting is determined by law. More details about the methodology used to report our gender pay gap can be found at genderpaygap.campaign.gov.uk

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