Retail Competition

Retail Competition

Since the opening of the retail market on 1st April 2017 most non-household customers can choose who they buy their retail water and wastewater services from. Eligible customers including large and small businesses, schools, hospitals, charities and councils are no longer restricted to buying retail services from their regional water company and can now choose their water retailer. The retail market aims to introduce more competition into the water industry in England. It is anticipated that this change will reduce prices and improve customer service in addition to improving water sustainability and resilience.

As a result of these changes Yorkshire Water Services separated its wholesale and retail functions for all  eligible non-household customers.  The wholesale part of Yorkshire Water still provides your water and waste water services but your retailer now provides customer services as well as reading your meter, sending bills, payment handling  and answering customer complaints.

On the 1 October 2019, Yorkshire Water exited from the retail part of the market and transferred the retail business customer accounts of Yorkshire Water Business Services to Scottish Water Business Stream.

For more information, including details of all licensed retailers and how to switch, go to the independent industry website Open Water or the website of our regulator Ofwat.

  1. The changes only apply to non-household premises. If your premises are used for business and you pay or are exempt from business rates, you will be eligible to be part of the competitive water retail market. If your premises are for mixed use, but the primary use is for business purposes, or the household use of the premises depends on the non-household activity, your premises are very likely to be eligible to be in the market.

  2. If you would like more information on how to switch or find out who are licensed retailers, you can find this on the Open Water website.

  3. The wholesale part of Yorkshire Water will continue to be responsible for providing, operating and maintaining the physical water and waste water assets and services. These include the collection, treatment and distribution of water to your premises and the subsequent collection, treatment and disposal of waste water from them.

    If you experience a potential public health issue (e.g. taste, odour or discolouration of your water, or sewer flooding) please continue to contact the wholesale part of Yorkshire Water directly on 0345 1 24 24 24 who will investigate and manage the problem. For any other matters please contact your retailer, whose number will be on your latest bill.

Documents from Open Water:

Network Access Codes

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