Our Land and Property

Land and Property

With over 70,000 acres of land, Yorkshire Water is one of the region's largest landowners.

Our estate covers the whole of Yorkshire but is predominantly located on the eastern flanks of the Pennines and in Nidderdale.

A lot of our land is used to collect the raw water we treat for drinking and is tenanted by farmers as well as being used for recreation by our customers.

We seek to be exemplar landowners and landlords working with a wide range of stakeholders. We own approximately 11,300 hectares of land, designated as Sites of Special Scientific Interest (SSSIs). One key project is to get 95% of this land in 'recovering' condition, including at least 10% into 'favourable' condition by the end of March 2020. This is an ongoing project with lots of work to do, with just over 98% currently in 'recovering' or better but only 2.7% in 'favourable' condition.

  1. We take care of all our stunning countryside and invite you to come and explore it.

    Whether you fancy a gentle stroll around a reservoir, a bike ride with the family, a bit of pony trekking or an afternoon's fishing or sailing, there's plenty to choose from.

    Take a look at the walks and activities we offer at our reservoirs.

  2. Beyond Nature is a Yorkshire Water land strategy initiative focused on supporting farmers who look after this land and helping them get the most out of it. It helps us to fulfil our commitment of delivering exceptional land for Yorkshire, forever. The Beyond Nature initiative helps farmers use their land for raising livestock, providing a home for nature, creating spaces for recreation, storing thousands of tonnes of carbon, natural flood management and much more!

    Find out more about Beyond Nature

  3. We have powers and duties, allowed by the Water Industry Act 1991.

    The Act allows, and in some cases requires, us to do these works. It also lays down some rules for us to follow when we lay, alter or maintain pipes and their associated accessories.

    In some cases we may have to lay pipes in land which is in private ownership or occupation. When we do so we follow the Code of Practice for Entry on to Private Land and comply with other relevant legislation.

    This code does not affect any other rights or powers that you or we may have but certain provisions in the Code will not apply in some circumstances. Read our Code of practice for more information.

    Download Code of Practice for Pipelaying Powers on Private Land (479kb)

    We also carry out works in the highway and every effort is made to keep disruption to a minimum. If you're a business located on the highway you may feel that our work has affected your trade. For more information contact us.

    For more information, please contact Yorkshire Water’s Land Valuation Services Team.

    Unless you are a Non-Household customer in which case you should contact your retailer in the first instance.

  4. We own over 29,000 Hectares of land throughout the counties of Yorkshire and North Derbyshire.

    Our extremely varied portfolio ranges from operational assets to reservoirs, vast open moorlands to catchment land.

    These are only a small selection and all of our land, within reason, has the potential to be used as shoot location. More information on filming opportunities can be found in the leaflet on the right. If you would like to contact us regarding a filming enquiry then please email us.

  5. All requests for access must be submitted, along with all necessary health & safety documentation appropriate to the task. A minimum of 10 days working notice is required to allow arrangement of access and acceptance of documentation. Please submit all access requests to tenant.access@yorkshirewater.co.uk. Any incomplete forms will not be processed. No access to Yorkshire Water structures can be arranged via telephone.

  6. We take the health, safety and privacy of our customers and colleagues very seriously and our policy is that only approved Yorkshire Water drone pilots or approved Unmanned Aerial Vehicle framework partners have permission to fly drones on our land. With this in mind, we would not approve any additional requests to fly drones on Yorkshire Water land.

    For more information please refer to the Drone Code.

Access Request Forms and Filming Information