Demand Management Solutions

Our immediate target around demand management is to meet our per capita consumption performance commitment between 2020 and 2025.

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This will require us to engage with our customers on water use in the home and help them reduce their daily consumption. We are also seeking to identify new ways of working with the retail market to help reduce non-household water use.

We currently provide free self-fit water saving devices to customers on request. We have a home audit and retrofit service, Fit2Save, and an ongoing water saving campaign to promote the benefits of demand reduction in our region. We are also currently trialing a digital platform which will help our customers reduce water use at home.

We are interested in bids that provide new household water saving measures which can help us achieve our per capita consumption target or be included as options in future iterations of our Water Resources Management Plan.

We would also be interested in bids that provide new measures for reducing non-household water use. Our current Water Resources Management Plan options include commercial audits and retrofit. We will seek to work with Retailers and the water market to identify feasible non-household water saving measures to include in our future demand management plans. We would consider any bids that provide efficient and sustainable non-household demand reduction options.