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Goole Community Fund

Following the pressure and no water issues in Goole in Autumn 2023, the Goole Charity Fund is a one-off fund for organisations delivering social value in the Goole area. 

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Yorkshire Water Goole Community Fund is open to charities and community organisations to apply for a single donation up to £1000 from Yorkshire Water. There is a total of £10,000 available following the water pressure issues and water bursts that occurred in November 2023.

This is not a reoccurring fund, there will not be an opportunity to reapply for funding in future years and any project for which funding is provided must be sustainable in the long term. We will accept applications from 01/12/23 until 29/02/24 only.

Applications will follow a two-stage process: initial screening to ensure that the project meets our criteria, and subsequent consideration by a panel consisting of two Yorkshire Water employees, Jane Rogers (Goole Times Editor), and Andrew Percy MP.

All applications should be sent to no later than 23:59 on 29/02/24.

Who can apply

Types of projects we will consider funding

Yorkshire Water will consider funding projects that enhance and conserve the natural and built environment and improve and enrich people’s lives.

  1. Environmental improvement - including tree planting, habitat restoration.
  2. Promote the natural environment – i.e., a safe habitat for flora and fauna.
  3. Social welfare – improving and enriching people’s lives for those living, working, and visiting the area.
  4. Education – including literacy, STEM, the arts.
  5. Improving the lives of vulnerable people – e.g., wheelchair bound, visually impaired and elderly.


Formal requirements and types of organisations

All organisations will need a dedicated bank account (personal accounts will not be accepted) and evidence they are an established organisation, details of which can be shared on letter headed paper.


Geographical area

We will support organisations working in East Cowick, Rawcliffe and Rawcliffe Bridge, Airmyn, Goole, Hook, Old Goole, and the Marshlands villages (from Swinefleet to Adlingfleet). Your organisation should deliver benefits in or near these areas.

In the application form you will be asked to demonstrate how you are supporting projects in these areas.


Who cannot apply

  • Political or religious organisations (unless using the funding for a specific project such as a foodbank) and associated buildings and structures.
  • National fundraising activity or any activity not providing a direct and identifiable benefit within the Goole area.
  • Individuals seeking sponsorship for study, trips abroad or individual fund-raising for a specific charity. We do not fund wages or individual expenses.
  • One off events including arts based events, fetes and Annual Shows.
  • Fundraising for the maintenance or building of premises.
  • Sports sponsorship
  • Water & Wastewater Services. All requests for assistance with water services bills should be directed to Yorkshire Water customer services.


Deadline for applying

We will accept applications from 00.01 on 01/12/23 until 23:59 on 29/02/24. Applications received after this will not be considered.


Details on funding allocation

Funding is available for up to £1000. You may apply for the full amount or less, however you may be allocated less than you apply for subject to the decisions of the panel.

The application form includes a series of questions to help you demonstrate the value of your organisation and how the funding will assist you in delivering your goals.

A panel, including two Yorkshire Water employees, Andrew Percy MP and Jane Rogers (Goole Times Editor), will review the applications, and approve grant funding as appropriate. Any final decisions that cannot be made by the panel will be taken by a Yorkshire Water representative who has not been involved in the progress to date to ensure impartiality.

A scoring system will be used for each answer and an overall total score given to each application. The highest scoring applications will receive the funding until the fund has been exhausted.