Our strategy

The 5.4 million people who live in Yorkshire and the millions of people who visit our region each year rely on our services for their basic health needs and lifestyles.

Children playing at Swinsty Reservoir

140,000 businesses use our water to provide goods and services that support the economy not just of Yorkshire but the whole of the UK.

We’ve produced a strategy for the decades ahead of us. This strategy has been developed in close consultation with our varied and diverse customers, whilst looking in detail at the future economic, social and environmental issues that faces Yorkshire. These conversations have given us valuable insight into what shape our operations should take in the future and we will maintain this ongoing dialogue to ensure we keep delivering what our customers want.

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Our Challenges

We know that we need to meet the challenges that are facing the county in the future; how a growing population means that we need to change to ensure enough water is available and that we continue to take away and recycle waste water.

We know that the pattern of the weather may change in the future and we know that we need to change what we do to ensure our services are delivered irrespective of changing or adverse weather.

Feedback from the Yorkshire Forum for Water Customers and our research tells us that our customers want more from us – both in terms of the services we provide but also how we provide our services. People expect to be able to tailor the service they receive from us to suit them – so we need to be able to meet that expectation.

Finally, we know that the cost of our services – today and tomorrow – is a real concern for the people of Yorkshire so we need to face all the challenges, and deliver a sustainable, resilient service at a price that means that no one in Yorkshire should worry about paying their bill.

Our 5 big goals

The proposed strategy sets out five big goals, based on our analysis of future pressures and what our customers and stakeholders have told us. It says how we’re going to meet them. It asks five questions that we’re hoping customers will help us to answer so that we can refine and finalise the plan, knowing that it meets the needs of all stakeholders.