Making Yorkshire a brilliant place to be

person cycling up a country road

We’re proud to play water’s role in making Yorkshire a brilliant place to be – now and always

Today, every day and forever, it’s our job to make sure everyone in Yorkshire has the water they need for their busy lives. Once they’ve used it, it’s our job to take it away and work our magic returning it safely back to Yorkshire’s environment.

Water is one of life’s most basic essentials and we care deeply about looking after it in the right way for everyone, all the time.

But how we do that really matters - the resources we use and recycle, the way we look after land, our broader support to local communities and the partnerships we develop, will make a massive difference to getting it right for Yorkshire’s people and places.

Our customers live and work in all four corners of the Yorkshire region

From Whitby in the North and Sheffield in the South, to Bridlington on the east coast and Ingleton in the west.

All in all, we keep the taps running in over 5 million households and 140,000 businesses. That makes us part of everyday life for over 2.1 million bill payers.

What we've been up to

£2m investment in Thorne water network improvements

Investments in our coast

Supporting farmers