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water conservation

Free water saving pack

It's more important than ever to try and save water. There are so many ways you can help preserve Yorkshire's most precious resource - one step at a time! Order a free water saving pack, try our great ways to save water around your home, see how much water and energy you use each year, get the latest devices to cut your water bill or keep an eye on water stocks in Yorkshire.

Get your free water saving pack

Save up to 30,000 litres of water every year and knock £100's off your utility bill each year with a free water saving pack.

What you get





Tap inserts

Tap inserts

Shower timer

Shower timer

Top tips leaflet

Top tips leaflet

Order your FREE pack

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Top ways you can save water



Always fill your dishwasher

and washing machine full

Use a washing bowl rather than

filling your sink



Always turn off the tap when

you're brushing your teeth

Fit a flushsaver and save 1

litre of water every time you flush



When watering your plants

always use a watering can

Fit a water butt

Find out more great tips

How much water do you use?

For more indepth analysis on how much water and energy you use around your home and how you can save water, try our interactive calculator - click here

Great water saving gadgets and gizmos


Hand pump pressure washer

The Hand Pump Pressure Washer is the most versatile water-saving product we've come across. It relies neither on electricity nor a hosepipe, so you can use it for just about everything.

Saves you approx 100 litres of water every time you wash the car with it.

Delivery inclusive only £29.99

Click here to buy


Get your FREE flushsaver

With a flushersaver fitted in your loo you can save up to 1 litre of water every time you flush.

Request your free flushsaver

For more great water and money saving gadgets please click here

Water resources in Yorkshire

Levels in the region are normal at the moment and we've no plans to introduce any water restrictions at this time.

We're working hard and monitoring and managing the network every day to balance water resources across the region. We're doing this via our grid which is a network of underground pipes that allows us to move water to where it's needed. This gives us flexibility and helps us protect areas experiencing low rainfall. The grid is very resilient and means that an area isn't reliant on one particular supply if there's an unexpected problem, however it is only effective if the network has the water resources to move around.

Find out more about our water resources and the water supply grid.


How we're saving water