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Want a FREE water saving pack?

Request your Free Water Saving Pack and choose from a range of practical water saving devices for your home. Join us in making small changes that could make a difference to your annual water bills and benefit your local environment too


Flush Saver

Saves 1.2 litres everytime

you flush, that's around

5,000 litres a year.



Regulate your shower to

just 8 litres of hot water

a minute.


Tap inserts

Reduce the flow of

water from your taps

by up to 70%.


Shower timer

Spend 1 minute less in

the shower and save up to

£100 a year.


Order your FREE pack * 

* Order your pack before midnight on Sunday 19th April 2015, and you'll be automatically entered into our free prize draw to win an iPad mini (Yorkshire Water customers only)

How to use your free water saving devices

See how the Metherall-Cooks family have been using our Free Water Saving Pack to make small changes and big savings in their home.

         Showertimer                     Flushsaver

         Shower timer.png                   Flushsave.png


      Showersave                     Tap insert

     Showersave.png                   Tap insert.png