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In your area

Why use 'In your area'?

It's quick, reliable, up-to-date service showing you where we're working in your area and what it means for you. It will tell you all about the quality of your water, where you can go for a walk in Yorkshire and even what the local weather will be.

Who is it for?

Everyone! Not only does it help you avoid roadworks, it has fun, downloadable puzzles for the kids and advice on where to go to catch the best fish - if you like that sort of thing!

What you can find..

Water quality

Find out which water supply zone your house is in and what this means in terms of your water quality and hardness.


See where all the latest incidents have been and keep up to date with developments.

& Roadworks

See where we're investing in your area and what work we're doing so you can avoid roadwork hotspots.


Get some inspiration from our selection of free, downloadable guides for reservoir walks, cycle routes and even sailing and fishing.


Be prepared for whatever mother nature has up her sleeve. With our 4 day, local weather forecast you'll never be caught out.