Manhole & Drain Covers: Report A Problem

Here at Yorkshire Water, we do all we can to maintain our manhole and drain covers. Therefore, we appreciate when you spot an issue with one, so find out how to report a problem.

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Before you call

To ensure we can respond to your issue as soon as possible, we will likely ask you to provide the following:

1. The location of the incident

Tell us where you saw the problem. Try to be as specific as possible - i.e. on Leeds Road, outside number 7.

2. How long has this been a problem?

When did you first notice the problem?

3. The nature of the problem

Tell us what the problem is — is the cover missing or damaged?

Because public health is a priority we recommend getting in touch as soon as an issue arises. Just remember to read our call preparation information above to help us get to a solution quicker.

Get in touch

Issues with manhole covers and lids

The safety of the public is a priority for us, but we can’t keep a track of all our manhole covers all the time. Sometimes, over time, lids and covers can become worn, damaged or even missing.

These lids or covers can be found in a number of different locations which can include; roads, footpaths or gardens. To be able to check that our drains and water pipes are working as we’d expect, we have a number of access points, which are usually covered by a metal lid.

As a priority, we will attend to, inspect and make the site safe for any emergency the same day you report it to us. Our inspectors will check to see what type of lid it is and what work is required. If it’s a Yorkshire Water cover, we will fix or replace it. If it is not a Yorkshire Water drain cover, we will inform you of the best course of action and who to contact.