Fitting a water meter

If you want to arrange a water meter fitting with Yorkshire Water, you might want to know what this involves:

  1. We make an appointment with our approved Service Partner for a meter survey at your residence. The installation will be free, if we can fit the meter at our preferred location and at a reasonable cost.
  2. If possible, we will fit your new water meter during our first visit. Generally, we install water meters inside (in the same place as your internal stop tap). However, we might place it outside if there’s a suitable spot available.
  3. When carrying out our water meter fittings, we may not be able to fit a meter on the day. Also, the surveyor might suggest an additional visit to install a new chamber outside. But, of course, we’ll discuss everything with you first.
  4. We’re sorry but due to Coronavirus restrictions we are currently dealing with a large backlog of meter applications so meter installations are typically taking longer than the usual 1 to 3 months.

    Don’t worry though,  once your meter is installed your metered charges will be backdated to start from the 90th day after you applied for the meter.

  5. After the installation, we’ll send you full details of your new metered account. So, please carry on with the payments shown on your last bill until we advise you otherwise.
  6. If you prefer, you can go back to your current way of billing as long as you let us know within two years of the water meter fitting date. The meter will charge new occupants, even if you have returned to the unmetered charge.

Did you know: The average customer who installed a meter saved over £100 per year.

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