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Recreation Site Visitor Satisfaction

Every year we speak to hundreds of visitors at some of our reservoirs to ask for their opinions on the site and its facilities. This feedback is really important to us and helps us to keep improving our provision. Follow this link to see our most recent survey results:

Recreation Site Visitor Satisfaction Research

Our previous visitor satisfaction levels

Recreational Strategy

As a responsible landowner, Yorkshire Water aims towards the Strategic Business Objective “We manage our land for maximum societal value, and we encourage other land owners to do the same “. To fulfil this, our ambition is to be a recognised leader in the recreational use of land and waters by 2020. One key goal is to encourage a broader diversity of visitors to come and enjoy our land. Everyone is invited! Follow this link to find out more about our recreational strategy:

Find out more about Recreational Strategy

Recreational Policy

At Yorkshire Water, we understand how important it is to manage our land for the benefit of people and the environment. Our reservoirs are not only a source of excellent quality water, but also attract around one million recreational visitors a year. Follow this link to read about how we strive to take responsibility for the water environment for good:

Find out more about Recreational Policy

Events on Yorkshire Water’s Landholding

COVID-19 update: We are not giving any permissions for events on Yorkshire Water land at the moment. We will be will be reviewing this again soon and look forward to welcoming events back when it is safe to do so.   

If you would like to hold a run, cycling event, orienteering or any other type of event on our landholding, please fill out this form and return it to us. If you have any further questions regarding this process, please contact us.

Memorial donations at reservoirs

In October 2020, we made the difficult decision to no longer accept memorial donations at our reservoirs. This means we will no longer install new memorial benches or plant memorial trees at Yorkshire Water sites.

We do understand the importance of our reservoir locations to our customers and only made this decision following a thorough review of how our former donations policy was performing. Please read this document for more information.

Memorials policy

Filming on Yorkshire Water’s Landholding

Yorkshire Water is one of the largest landowners in Yorkshire with an Estate amounting to around 30,000 Hectares (70,000 Acres). We believe we hold an excellent opportunity available for filming on our land with our diverse and eclectic mix of sites. Each area is unique in itself with various different settings and backdrops extending from woodland, moorland and operational sites. Please read the document to find out more and contact us if you would like to enquire about filming.