Scammonden tunnel 

The western underpass will be closed while we carry out essential work.

Scammonden Reservoir

Why the work?

The western underpass was built back in 1969. Since then, the tunnel has had some wear and tear, so we need to strengthen it.


Who’s doing the work?

Our friends at Eric Wright will be carrying out the work.


What are we doing?

We’re going to strength a whopping 35 meters of the tunnel!

We’ll start by digging up the ground. We’ll then lay concreate and install steel plates into this base to support the structure. Next, we’ll put in steal rings to reline the tunnel and weld all the joints. Once this frame is in place, we’ll grout the new lining and tarmac the ground.


How long will the work last?

The work should take 12 weeks and the western underpass will be closed until late September.


Can I still visit the reservoir?

Yes, you can still visit the reservoir and walk your usual route. There’s a diversion in place and the other entrances are open.