Redmires Reservoir

To help keep everyone safe, our car park at this reservoir is closed and we're asking everyone not to visit for a little while - hopefully it won't be for too long. We'll update here when it's back open. For more information please visit our reservoirs page.

Redmires Reservoirs are a series of three reservoirs less than 10 miles away from the centre of Sheffield. Despite their proximity to a large city, the reservoirs are situated in stunning open moorland. The surrounding landscape to the south is a Site of Special Scientific Interest, designated for the variety of birds, reptiles and mammals which the landscape supports. The path around the south of the reservoir can be muddy in places but there are various benches along the roadside for you to sit and marvel at the landscape.

To the North of the reservoir sits Wyming Brook, a Sheffield and Rotherham Wildlife Trust reserve offering an array of wildlife including dippers and crossbills. A wide surfaced bridleway runs through the reserve with numerous unsurfaced paths as well.

We ask you to keep your dogs under close control on all our sites with Redmires being an especially important area due to the Water Vole population on site.


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