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Catchment Management

We’re working with Earby community centre to try and help reduce sewer flooding!

This summer, we’ll be working with local communities and schools by running educational workshops to encourage residents to think about how small actions can contribute towards the removal of flooding.

We want to introduce this scheme as part of our Soak It Up campaign promoting the implementation of SuDS (Sustainable Drainage Systems), kicking off with our workshop at Earby community centre.

We'd love to work with your ideas to develop a plan to introduce SuDS into Earby community centre grounds and we'll be organising a follow up volunteer day to install the solutions.

We’re partnered with Yorkshire Wildlife Trust on this campaign who will be helping with the workshops and also the design and implementing of the SuDS installations.

This is a great new project for us which should also be really exciting for our local community, not to mention beneficial for the environment too, so please get involved if you can as we’ll have plenty of interactive activities for the whole family to join in on!

You can find out more about this project over on our Soak It Up webpage

If you can come along, please sign up via the form below.


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News Article
Yorkshire Water starts fun initiative to tackle flooding

Yorkshire Water is starting an exciting new flood reduction project called “Soak it up”, an approach to naturally collect rainwater in different ways to help reduce the amount of water that finds its way into the firm’s networks of pipes and sewers.


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