Our reports

Yorkshire Water are proud of our people and the service they offer to you. We want you to know that you can rely on us, and that we're a company you can trust.

As part of this, we'd like to let you know how well we're getting on - not just the good bits, but reporting on all the key parts of the service we provide.

The Annual Performance Report (APR)

Please note there has been changes to our structure since this video was published. For more information see our corporate governance and structure

PR14 Reconciliation

Ofwat requires companies to submit specific data and information to reconcile companies’ performance during the 2015-20 period. The output from the Yorkshire Water PR14 reconciliation will be proposed adjustments to our future revenues and regulatory capital value (RCV) for performance delivered between 2015 and 2020 (a combination of actual and forecast performance). The documents below consist of the performance and financial data required by Ofwat, a summary of our PR14 reconciliation along with an explanation of the data provided.

The Annual Report and Financial Statement (ARFS)

The primary purpose of the ARFS is to ensure compliance with legal duties and to share a range of financial and other information.  To respond to the needs of our many stakeholders we provide an overview of our performance and plans, along with additional information for specialist groups and to fulfil legal requirements.

On 17 August 2018 the Cayman Island companies, now dormant companies, were transferred from Yorkshire Water ownership to our parent company, Kelda Group Limited and have been dissolved.

Trusting our information – Our assurance

It is important to us that our customers and stakeholders can be sure of the quality of the information we publish so that they have trust and confidence in us. Here, you can view our assurance plan which shows you how we check and review our information to make sure that what we publish is correct.