Our approach to stakeholder engagement

Between 2015 and 2020 we’ll be investing around £3.5billion in the region on water and waste water services. All this investment has a big impact and to ensure our investment is meeting the needs of the region we work hard to keep our stakeholders involved in the development and delivery of our plans.

As well as holding regular meetings with our regulators, every year we also aim to meet with Government, each of our local Members of Parliament, all local authority Leaders and Chief Executives and a range of NGOs who have an interest in our work. These meetings give us the opportunity to update stakeholders what we’re doing, and they also provide a forum for stakeholders to raise any concerns or questions they may have.

You can find out more about the kind of things we are talking to our stakeholders about below, or click here to see case studies of this engagement in action.

Involving stakeholders in the development of our business plans

Every five years water companies must prepare business plans that set out how they plan to deliver services in their area and how much these services will cost customers. These business plans are developed with customers and stakeholders and are then submitted to the industry regulator Ofwat for their approval.

We are currently in the process of developing our business plan for 2020 to 2025 which will be submitted to Ofwat in 2018. To help us develop our plan we are currently asking stakeholders to help shape our plan by telling us their priorities and challenges, setting out the areas they want us to focus on, and identifying how we can work in partnership. Between May and November 2017 we’ll be listening to what our stakeholders are telling us, before taking what we’ve heard and turning it into our business plan. We’ll then be going back to stakeholders to talk to them about how we’ve incorporated their feedback in our plan.

For details on how we are involving customers in the development of our plan, please click here

Keeping stakeholders informed about investment in their area

One of the things our stakeholders are most interested in is the investment we have taking place in their area. Our £3.5billion investment programme means there is almost always something happening nearby and we spend a lot of time keeping stakeholders informed about the progress we are making with our projects.

By keeping stakeholders informed of our investment plans they have the opportunity to help shape how we approach things and provide valuable local insight into any potential disruption our work could cause allowing us to adapt our plans accordingly where possible.

Case study: Andrew Percy MP & Investment in Goole

Working with stakeholders to shape our position on key issues

The range of things a water company does means that our work covers a number of policy areas, some of which, for example fracking or fluoridation, can be controversial. Whenever we take a position on a particular issue we will always look to meet with a range of interested stakeholders to understand their position and any concerns they may have. All the feedback we get from these meetings helps us to continually shape and update our position.

You can see some of our position statements on key issues here

Sharing information on our performance

As our work has such a significant impact on the region we regularly share information on our performance with our stakeholders, both face to face during our regular meetings and by email through our stakeholder newsletter. We aim to be open and transparent with stakeholders around our performance and we regularly ask them how we can improve the information we share with them.

You can see the reports that form the basis of the performance information we share with stakeholders here