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Our business plan for the 2020-2025 period (known as AMP7) puts our customers at the heart of everything we do. We’ve engaged with 30,000 customers, along with the Yorkshire Forum for Water Customers, to understand individual lifestyles and how they shape what customers want, need and expect from us. In response to customer feedback, we’ve developed a package of 43 performance commitments for AMP7 that cover every aspect of what we do, from water source to sea.

We want our customers to know how well we’re doing, so we’ll update this website every three months so you can see our most recent levels of performance. The data below shows our year-to-date performance from April to September 2020.

Check back again at the end of March for the next update.

This graph shows our performance from April to September 2020.

25 are on track, 2 are close to target, 8 are off track and 8 currently have no data

 25 are on track   2 are close to target   8 are off track   8 currently have no data

You can find out which commitments are on track, see where we need to improve or view all our performance commitments:

Disclaimer: The numbers we report show our year-to-date progress against regulatory targets listed in Ofwat’s Final Determination. All the numbers we report have been checked thoroughly internally. While we make every effort to report accurately, all information undergoes a final internal review and external audit each year, so numbers may differ slightly at year end. Our final annual position is reported on this website and in our Annual Performance Report. You can read more about how we check and assure our data in our Assurance Plan.

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