Our performance commitments

In 2015 we agreed with you our seven outcomes. The outcomes are the things that are important to you. To make sure that we are on track in providing these outcomes there are 26 performance commitments that track how well we are delivering on the promises we made. Each year we report to you on how we’re doing in delivering on our commitments. It’s important to us that you understand and trust the information we provide.

We recognise that our performance reports can be quite long and detailed which is why we created a video summarising our performance.

Our performance at a glance

Meeting our customer promises - Stability and Reliability factors

In 2015 we agreed seven outcomes with our customers, supported by 26 performance commitments. As part of our commitments we included four measures called Stability and Reliability (S&R) factors. These measures reflect how well we are providing water and waste water services over the short and long term.

To ensure that these measure effectively report on our services they are divided into a series of smaller measures called sub measures. It is very important to us that these measures are easy to understand and reflect what you told us was important to you. We have therefore published this guide to explain what the S&R factors are and how we will measure our performance against them. If you would like any more information regarding these measures please contact us.

Download our stability and reliability factors guide

All water companies have their own set of performance commitments which have been individually developed to meet the needs and concerns of each company’s customers.

This can make it difficult to compare performance across different water companies so in recognition of this, the Discover Water website was launched.

Discover Water

We provide some further explanation on those areas within Discover Water where our performance is failing to meet the committed level of performance we gave to our customers, or is significantly different to the industry average or other water companies performance.

Our comparative performance

How are we performing?

Image describing Yorkshire Water’s performance in drinking water compliance. Target was 100%. Result was 99.962%. Our rating is, must improve.

Image describing Yorkshire Water’s performance in water supply interruptions. Target was Less than or equal to 12 minutes. Result was 10:28 mins:secs. Our rating is, must improve.

Image describing Yorkshire Water’s performance in helping customers pay. Target was publish annually. Result was 31,606. Our rating is, must improve.

Image describing Yorkshire Water’s performance in Leakage. Target was Less than or equal to 292.1 mega litres per day. Result was 289.8 mega litres per day. Our rating is, must improve.

Image describing Yorkshire Water’s performance in internal flooding. Target was Less than or equal to 1,919 incidents. Result was 1,692. Our rating is, must improve.

Image describing Yorkshire Water’s performance in water use. Target was less than or equal to 139.3 litres per day. Result was 133.5 litres per day. Our rating is, regulatory target met.

Image describing Yorkshire Water’s performance in overall customer satisfaction. Target was to improve 2015-2020 performance on average compared with 2010-2015. Result was 95% for water and 88% for waste water. Our rating is, must improve.

Image explaining the icons on the previous performance images. A green tick indicates if we are meeting our regulatory target. A red cross indicates if we are not meeting our regulatory target. An exclamation mark indicates instances where, even when we meet our regulatory targets, we are committed to going beyond these in the future to make sure we deliver the best possible service to our customers.

Want to know more?

We share lots of information through reports we publish every summer to provide insight on everything we do.  To enable you to focus on what you want, we structure these reports with different levels of detail.

For a detailed set of reports on how we’re performing for our customers, please see our Annual Performance Report.  This includes a range of information we are required to publish by Ofwat, the body that regulates the water sector to protect customer interests.

Read our Annual Performance Report 2018/19

We recognise that our Annual Performance Report is packed full of information and is quite long. Which is why we have created a shorter performance summary report.

Download our Performance Summary

For a detailed set of reports on how we’re doing as a business please see our Annual Report and Financial Statements.  This includes a range of information that we and most large companies are required to report by law.

Download our Annual report and Financial Statements

All of the above information focuses on our performance in the last financial year, ending 31 March 2019.  To help put our latest performance in context, we also look at past performance and future plans.  We publish new reports every summer.

Yorkshire Forum for Water Customers

We review our performance information and reports with the Yorkshire Forum for Water Customers (the Forum). The Forum monitor our performance against the commitments made to customers (performance commitments) for the period 2015 to  2020 and to make sure there is an appropriate level of The Yorkshire Forum for Water Customers have published an independent statement on our performance. You can view the Forums reflections on our current performance by clicking on the link below.

Read the Yorkshire Forum For Water Customers statement

Our Regulators

Office of Water Services (Ofwat)

Ofwat is the economic regulator for water and sewerage services in England and Wales. They monitor the way in which we provide our customers with a good quality and efficient service at a fair price. Ofwat achieves this by setting limits on the prices we can charge, ensuring we comply with the Water Industry Act 1991, protecting the standard of service we deliver and encouraging us to be more efficient.

Drinking Water Inspectors (DWI)

The Drinking Water Inspectorate (DWI) monitors the water we supply to ensure it's safe to drink and meets the standards set in the Water Supply (Water Quality) Regulations 2000. The DWI independently monitors us and advises the Government on our performance on all aspects of drinking water quality. They carry out inspections to be sure that the results are reliable and give a true picture of the quality of the water supplied.

Environment Agency (EA)

The Environment Agency (EA) is responsible for protecting and improving the environment in England and Wales. The EA decides how much water we can take from the environment and issues us with abstraction licences. The EA also ensures the quality of effluent we put back into rivers from our waste water treatment works is at a high enough standard.