Charges explained for customers without a meter

If you don’t have a water meter we’ll simply charge you a fixed amount for the year that won’t change. Our annual charges are shown below, and if you’ve got your water bill handy you’ll be able to work out how much you’ll pay for the year.

When you’ll need to pay your bill?

We know your full year’s charges by April each year, which means your bill will need to be paid in April and October. If it’s easier for you, you can pay your bill by instalments throughout the year.

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Water - Yorkshire (excluding York waterworks)
Standing charge per year£47.14
Unmetered charge per £ of RV150.85p
Water - York Waterworks
Standing charge per year£39.25
Unmetered charge per £ of RV86.15p
Standing charge per year£12.84
Unmetered charge per £ of RV178.43p
Surface Water£45.07
Water - Yorkshire (excluding York waterworks)
Standing charge per year£46.20
Unmetered charge per £ of RV145.88p
Water - York Waterworks
Standing charge per year£38.57
Unmetered charge per £ of RV83.31p
Standing charge per year£12.60
Unmetered charge per £ of RV169.15p
Surface Water£43.27

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