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Water conservation campaign launched to mark World Environment Day

Yorkshire Water has today launched its annual water conservation campaign to coincide with the United Nation’s World Environment Day, which is calling for people to ‘consume with care’.

The company, which provides around 1.24 billion litres of water a day, is aiming to highlight how using water more efficiently is not only good for the environment but can also help lower utility bills.

World Environment Day’s mission is to raise worldwide awareness of the urgent need to manage the planet’s natural resources more carefully, including water.

Yorkshire Water’s ‘Save A Little, Save A Lot’ campaign supports the aims of World Environment Day by encouraging customers to think more carefully about how they use water in their homes. This will help reduce the current 100-150 litres of water each customer uses on average per day, which is the equivalent of up to two full bath tubs.

Neil Dewis, Head of Service Delivery at Yorkshire Water, said: “Our ‘Save A Little, Save A Lot’ campaign is about providing our customers with information on how they can save water and why it’s important to do so.

“Some people take water for granted but it is a precious resource and we need to ensure that in the future we can continue to meet the demands of a growing population and the challenges climate change could bring. We work really hard to manage our own leakage and to supply our water in the most efficient way, but we need our customers to play their part too. To help our customers we‘re offering free water saving packs via our website that include simple to install devices that can reduce household water consumption.”

Last year, 25,000 free water saving packs were ordered by Yorkshire’s residents and the company is hoping they prove equally popular this year.

An extensive survey in 2014 revealed most customers recognise the importance of water efficiency, with financial savings the biggest driver followed by environmental benefits.

To mark the launch of Yorkshire Water’s campaign, a tour was taken around some of its picturesque reservoirs in Calderdale to highlight the journey water takes before reaching customers taps. This water journey includes travelling through a 32,000km network of underground pipes that carries water to homes and businesses throughout the region.

Neil Dewis explained the company’s water management process: “The region’s drinking water comes from reservoirs, rivers and boreholes, which is then purified at our water treatment works to meet water quality standards. To manage our water supply in the most efficient way we have a unique grid system that allows us to move water 24/7 around the region to meet consumer demand.”

Yorkshire Water is set to invest around £870m over the next five years to maintain its reservoirs, treatment works and pipe network. This will help ensure efficient water treatment processes are in place and pipes are upgraded with modern materials.

Yorkshire Water also has a water leakage target, with aims to reduce leakage by a further 10 million litres a day by 2020.

To order a free water saving pack and for useful water saving advice, visit Yorkshire Water will donate 10p to the charity WaterAid for every pack ordered.

Throughout the summer the campaign will be on tour across the region at a host of events including  The Great Yorkshire Show on the 14th-16th July.

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Save a little, save a lot

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