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Yorkshire Water puts down roots in Sheffield

One year on from an extensive planting scheme to develop biodiversity in the Lea Brook area of Dronfield, a further 50 trees are being planted in the New Year.

Last year, around 900 trees were planted by community volunteers but some of them were damaged by the weather before they even managed to start growing.

Yorkshire Water has now agreed to plant a further 50 trees to ensure the success of the woodland in partnership with Derbyshire Wildlife Trust and Dronfield Parish Council. The trees which will be planted are 1m bare root whips — planting slightly older trees will mean they are able to compete with the grass — and a mix of alder and hazel.

Geoff Lomas. Yorkshire Water’s catchment and recreation manager, said: “We are delighted that we can support Derbyshire Wildlife Trust with the hard work they have already carried out in the area.

“Some of the trees planted last year were damaged so we wanted to make sure that we planted some more. We are pleased we have been able to contribute to the environmental and community regeneration.”

The trees planted last year will be an average of 18 inches tall and were chosen to complement their specific geographical location. These will have led to an increase in the diversity of wildlife in the areas they were planted at Lea Brook Valley wood.

Louise Valentine, Derbyshire Wildlife Trust’s Senior People Engagement Officer, added: “Whilst it is a real shame that some of the trees have been damaged, it is very encouraging that Yorkshire Water and the local community have rallied together to ensure the Big Tree Plant is as successful as possible."

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