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Yorkshire's "splash-arazzi" warned to stick to footpaths around the region's reservoirs after a series of safety scares

During the ongoing wet weather, enthusiastic amateur photographers and film makers are putting themselves at serious risk of injury as they go in search of spectacular shots of reservoirs overflowing.

Yorkshire Water have issued a warning for people to stick to the designated foothpaths when visiting our reservoirs, and should be reminded of reservoir safety. The warning has been issued in response to an unknown person putting themselves in danger in order to film dramatic footage of Ryburn reservoir, near Ripponden, massively overflowing during the recent floods.

Our Raw Water Reservoir Manager, Darren Lynch, said there had been several incidents recently where people had strayed into operational areas normally off-limits to the general public.

“We understand that our reservoirs can look quite spectacular when they are overflowing but it’s really important that people stick to designated footpaths if they want to watch them or capture them on camera.

“By straying onto adjacent operational land they are putting themselves – and those Yorkshire Water colleague who have to speak to and remove them – in grave danger.

“December was the wettest on record and the ground around our reservoirs is saturated, which means there is much greater risk of the land being slippery or unstable, so people need to exercise extreme care and stick to proper, way-marked footpaths,” he added.

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