Yorkshire Water encourages businesses to save it where they can

Businesses in Yorkshire can now sign up to Yorkshire Water’s ‘Water Saving Promise’ to save money and protect the environment.

Recent forecasting from the Environment Agency estimates that the UK’s water demand will outweigh supply within the next 20-25 years. With business usage accounting for nearly a third of all water demand in England, small changes in workplaces can really make a huge difference.

By signing up to the promise, businesses are not held to a particular target by the water company but do promise to review their usage and make efficiencies where they can. To support, Yorkshire Water are providing a suite of educational assets, including videos and posters with helpful tips and reminders.

Yorkshire Water advised that some of the easiest ways for businesses to reduce water use are:

  • Read meters regularly and highlight any sharp increases which may indicate a leak
  • People power - let teams know the business is on a mission to save water. Share tips and posters, have an introductory chat, and increase awareness about using water wisely

Some businesses in the region are closed or running at a reduced capacity due to Covid19 restrictions – for those businesses, ensuring there are no ongoing leaks is important for saving money and water:

  • Check whether urinals and toilets are leaking – uncontrolled urinals can waste 100's of litres of water per hour. Fit control devices or PIR sensors (passive infrared) to control flushing frequency
  • Make sure all taps are fully turned off

Chriss Duffy, non-household customer manager, said: “We launched the Water Saving Promise to remind businesses that reviewing the amount of water they use and trying to save a little every day can have a really positive impact on the environment.

“It’s a tricky time for lots of businesses at the moment – so we’re encouraging people to look out for the little things, like making sure taps are fully turned off or that leaky loos are fixed. By signing up to the Water Saving Promise, businesses will get a suite of useful reminders and posters, as well as a plaque to hang in their workplace which demonstrates to staff and visitors that they are taking water saving and their impact on the environment seriously.”

To find out more or signing up to the water saving pledge, please visit: https://www.yorkshirewater.com/business/water-promise. The initial phase of sign ups for the Water Saving Promise closes on 15th November.