Yorkshire Water bills remain some of the lowest in the country

Yorkshire Water has announced that household bills will rise in April 2019, however its bills will remain some of the lowest in the country compared to other water firms.

As of April 1st, new water and sewerage charges for over two million Yorkshire households will take effect with average bills rising by 4.2 per cent.

But compared to other water companies, Yorkshire Water’s bills will be the fourth cheapest in England and Wales and cheaper than the national average.

The average Yorkshire Water bill will be £401 a year which represents an annual rise of £16 compared to last year. However, the exact amount customers get billed will vary depending on if they are on a meter and how much water they use.

Richard Flint, Chief Executive at Yorkshire Water, said: "Our new bills will cost households on average just over one pound per day and a proportion of this money enables us to deliver improvements on services people care most about - such as cutting leakage, reducing pollution, preventing sewer flooding, and decreasing water supply interruptions.”

Yorkshire Water has earmarked a multi-million investment to reduce its leakage rate next year, as it targets a substantial reduction in lost water; and is investing to protect the environment including river water quality and species biodiversity.

Richard Flint added: “As a monopoly provider of an essential public service we understand we must demonstrate that we provide an excellent service for our customers whilst keeping bills as low as possible. So to ensure customers are on the cheapest possible tariff we are offering those who don’t currently have a meter installed to trial one free of charge. As generally speaking those on a meter do pay slightly less.”

During the last year, Yorkshire Water has introduced a number of customer friendly measures including its free Priority Services Register. This is designed to offer support for new parents, elderly customers and those with medical conditions and disabilities by ensuring they have access to water at all times, even during any supply interruptions.

There are also several financial support packages customers struggling to pay their bill can apply for, with over 30,000 customers last year benefiting from £8m worth of financial aid. To find out more about the various support packages visit our support webpage for further information.

The company is also in the final stages of liquidating its Cayman Islands subsidiary companies to help improve corporate and public transparency.

Customers can visit the Discover Water website to see how Yorkshire Water’s bills compare to other UK water and sewerage companies.