Latest updates for customers affected by flooding in South Yorkshire and North East Derbyshire

Following the heavy rain and flooding last week we are continuing to manage some ongoing issues in South Yorkshire.

Across the region you may notice increased Yorkshire Water activity following the floods as we work to carry out repairs and further checks on our assets such as checking that manhole lids haven’t been dislodged by the flood waters.

As part of the flood response we have also been providing pallets of bottled water for the volunteers/displaced customers as a goodwill gesture. We would like to reassure customers that there is no cause for concern with the quality of drinking water.

We’re working directly with customers who have been impacted by flooding, but there are updates on the latest situation below.

Fishlake, Doncaster

Our Greenroyd Pumping Station in Fishlake was inundated with flood water, but it has continued to operate throughout, as have our other pumping stations in the area.

On Friday 15th November we will have representatives from our team in the area supporting a multi-agency visit to the area led by South Yorkshire Police and we will be available to answer any questions local residents might have.

Sandall, Doncaster

We’ve picked up on some information circulating locally suggesting that the pumps at Sandall sewage treatment works were not operating during the heavy rainfall. This is incorrect. The pumps continued to pump their normal full flows throughout the rainfall.


Our Mexborough treatment works was inundated with flood water during the heavy rain and the sheer amount of flood water also overwhelmed out sewer network in the area. To help alleviate the situation we have been using tankers to reduce levels in the sewers. Levels in the sewers are now starting to reduce however we will be continuing to tanker out of the network until things return to normal. We appreciate that tankers can be disruptive for local people and we would like to apologise for any inconvenience caused.

We are also carrying out repairs to one of our sewers nearby, but this has been challenging due to the local ground conditions. Whilst we are carrying out repairs to this sewer, we do not believe that this was the main factor in the flooding as the sheer amount of rain overwhelmed the entire network.

Renishaw, Derbyshire

We visited customers impacted by flooding on Emmett Car Lane in Renishaw. Our investigations found that the flooding was caused by the nearby watercourse being overwhelmed by the amount of water entering it from surrounding land, rather than any issues with our sewer. North East Derbyshire District Council, Derbyshire County Council and the EA will be working together to look at any action which can be taken to address this issue in the long term.

More information on dealing with flooding is available on our flooding advice page.