Yorkshire Water team help rid Hornsea beach of rubbish

The Hull Process Team at Yorkshire Water took to Hornsea this week to  help rid the beach of litter.

The 13 Yorkshire Water colleagues were able to collect a wide variety of rubbish, including a large piece of drainage pipe.

At this team building exercise more than six bags of rubbish was collected that had been discarded by visitors or washed up by the sea.

Rubbish can have a huge impact on Britain’s beaches and the Hull team wanted to use this opportunity to clean up the beach as well as improve their overall understanding of bathing water.

“The beaches on the east coast are beautiful and it is essential we do all we can to maintain them as much as possible.

“It was a great team exercise and everybody was thrilled to be able to do their bit to help.”

Yorkshire Water is passionate about cleaning up the region’s environment and this is just one of the ways it is helping to improve Yorkshire’s beaches.

The company is proud to support Love Water UK’s campaign #BinIt4Beaches.