Sludge & Sewage Treatment Tender Opportunity

We have exciting upcoming OJEU tender opportunities at 2 locations within the Yorkshire region for a Design and Build Contractor with an estimated value of around £80million (contract duration).

In Huddersfield, a new regional sludge treatment facility with a treatment capacity of 16,500tds/annum is proposed. The works are expected to include new sludge reception facilities for indigenous sludge, imported liquid and cake; thickening, digestion, biogas collection and storage; dewatering facilities including lime stabilisation and the provision of a sludge liquor treatment plant to discharge the treated liquors to the nearby sewage treatment works.  Biogas from the digestion process will need to be collected and processed to optimise the net operating costs using either CHP or Gas to Grid technology.

In Hull, a new flow to full treatment wastewater inlet works, with a peak flow capacity of 2,000l/s is proposed. The works are expected to include coarse screening, grit removal and fine screening, with screens handling, grit handling, odour control and liquor return pumping. The existing inlet works will be retained and configured to continue treating storm flows.
Works on the sludge treatment and anaerobic digestion plant is expected to include new cake and liquid import facilities with sludge screening, refurbishment of the existing thickening and polymer plant, new digester feed system, inspection, refurbishment and upgrade of the existing digester vessels, new digester heating and biogas systems and a new dewatering facility which includes lime stabilisation.

If you are interested in tendering for any of these works within the OJEU tender process, we are holding pre call-for-competition supplier engagement days where a maximum of 2 colleagues from your company will receive an explanation of the opportunities as well as a walk around the proposed location of the new works.

19th and 20th June - Saltend Waste Water Treatment Works in Hull
21st and 22nd June - Upper Brighouse site in Huddersfield

To confirm your place at one of these days please send an email detailing the following information of the 2 persons attending the session by 4pm Wednesday 14th June 2017.


Details required for each person attending the session
•    Name
•    Organisation
•    Job Title
•    Contact number

Only companies who have registered and received written confirmation are invited to site. Any details received after the deadline will not be considered. If you require more information please email the above email address.