Moving Home: Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some popular questions and answers about moving home.

  1. Please fill in our online form to give us all the information we need.

  2. All you need to do is complete our online form.

  3. Yes, your new number will appear on your, bill statement and any other correspondence that we send to you.
    Please give us the details of your move by using our online form.
  4. Please contact Safe-Move either on their website or by telephone on 0800 1 385 385.
  5. If you already pay by Direct Debit we'll automatically transfer your Direct Debit to your new house.
    You don't need to take any action.
  6. We can update your account up to a week before you move. If you send us the information before then we will hold on to it until nearer the time you move before we change anything.

    If you what want to provide your own reading(s) please do so on the day of your move or just afterwards.

    Please use this form to let us know about your move.

  7. Everyone responsible for payment should register, they will become liable to pay the bill.
  8. If there's a water meter at your new property you'll be billed quarterly. It could be up to three months before you get your first bill.

    If you don't have a water meter, you should expect a bill within 2 weeks of telling us about your change of address.

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