Submit your water meter reading

We’ll take your meter reading at least once a year. Most meters now have a device that allows us to take a reading without needing to disturb you.

If we are unable to take a reading, and your meter is inside, we’ll leave you a card so you can send us your own reading.

Please only read your meter if it is inside your home and it is safe for you to do. If your meter is outside then please leave it to us.

Your meter is usually next to your internal stop tap where the water comes into your house. Try looking under your kitchen sink or in your cellar/garage – they're not in the same place in every house so you might just need to have a good look around.

If it’s safe to do so, it’s really simple to read your meter. You just need to find the black numbers shown on the meter screen, which tells us the amount of water you've used in cubic metres (1 cubic metre = 1000 litres).

If you’ve followed the steps above all you’ll need is:
- Your customer reference number – from the top of your last bill or letter. Please enter the full number without any spaces.
- Your reading – the black numbers only from your water meter
- The date you took the reading

Tips for saving water: There's plenty of ways that customers can reduce their water bills.

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