• S70 No Water/Low Pressure
    Customers in S70 may have no water or low water pressure due to an issue on our network. Thank you for bearing with us whilst we carry out urgent repairs to restore supplies as soon as possible
  • S62 No Water/Low Pressure
    Customers in S62 may have no water or low water pressure due to an issue on our network. Thank you for bearing with us whilst we carry out urgent repairs to restore supplies as soon as possible.

Support for Stannington residents


We're here to help

We’re sorry about the impact this burst water main had and understand how difficult it was for those affected. We’re working with customers to support where we can. Customers looking to submit a new compensation claim can do so by following the information below.

Gas related claims

Cadent has automatically paid compensation to customers who were without gas for more than 24 hours. More details can be found at

Water damage claims

Please get in touch if you have damage to internal fixtures, fittings or contents caused by water that has entered your property or damage to gas appliances, such as your boiler, cooker or fire.

You can make a claim by completing the online form below or calling our dedicated helpline, which is open 8am-8pm Monday-Sunday, on 01274 250555.

We'll respond to claims submitted online as soon as we can.

To make a water damage claim, please tell us:

  • your contact email address
  • your contact phone number
  • the address of the property affected
  • how was the damage was caused
  • what the damage is 
  • which appliance was affected 
  • which room the damage is in
  • the estimated cost of damage.

When our general enquiries form asks you to choose a business area, please select "Water supply".

Submit your claim information online

Use our general enquiries form to submit your information.

Multi Agency report 

The local resilience forum (LRF), made up of local organisations and emergency services, carried out a post incident review into the emergency response. The review and subsequent report was carried out by a third party and considered feedback from key stakeholders, the community and from organisations involved in the response.

Whilst acknowledging key learnings, the report also recognised the amount of time, resource and coordination that was required of the organisations involved.

Collaboration between Cadent, Northern Powergrid, Sheffield Council and Yorkshire Water has resulted in a better understanding of the challenges during such an incident and better ways of working together in the future.

Key takeaways from the report include:

  • Improvements need to be made to the process of sharing priority service data between organisations to ensure vulnerable customers are supported throughout incidents of this nature. LRF partners are working to standardise the data to ensure it is in a shareable format and improve processes.
  • A review of criteria to declare a Major Incident when not related to a blue light service is needed. Declaring a Major Incident can help with resources and mutual aid requests.
  • Utilities to consider developing a template tankering plan for any future incidents of this nature.

Organisations involved are continuing to work together to learn from the incident and put improvements in place where needed.