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Relocation of Withernsea waste water treatment works

Withernsea Waste water Treatment Works (WwTW) is located to the south of Withernsea, close to the village of Hollym. When it was last upgraded in 1991, it was 168 metres away from the cliff edge; however, due to significant levels of coastal erosion, the WwTW is now only around 40 metres from the cliff and needs to be relocated. In addition to a new sewage works, a new sewer will need to be laid to transfer flows from Withernsea to the new site, and a new sea outfall pipe will also be built next to the existing one.
Since 2015, we’ve engaged with stakedolders and local residents on the long term solution, and on Tuesday 5th December, we shared our revised plans for the treatment works with the community. Our proposal is a step away from traditional treatment works and means that we’re opting for a much greener, more environmentally friendly option. The new proposal means that construction times will be reduced, traffic movements can be minimised and once finished the site will be virtually noise free. In addition, visual impacts and the risk of odour will be greatly reduced. 
The new Aero-Fac technology will be supplied by Gurney Environmental. The system is more sustainable and has a much lower carbon footprint as it uses little energy and is able to treat the wastewater to an excellent standard. If planning permission is granted then work is expected to start on the new treatment works in the Spring of 2020 and completed in the Summer of 2021.

Prior to this, the first part of this major project will be to replace the current long-sea outfall pipe, which is in poor condition and at risk of collapse. We hope to install the new outfall this summer and until it’s in place, emergency works have been done to protect the existing outfall using rock bags. This process involved placing the nets around the pipe to ensure it remains operational until the new one is built, following which the rock nets will be removed.

The new sewer, which is required to transfer flows from our Memorial Garden’s pumping station off Pier Road, Withernsea, is planned to start in the Spring of 2019 and completed in the Summer of 2020. We’ve already agreed to carry out any work within Withernsea town centre outside of the summer season to reduce potential disruption.

We’re committed to keeping local residents updated on our progress and will be sending regular letters. In addition, we’ll be updating this page throughout this essential scheme.

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