Are you winter ready?

When a cold snap strikes, it can cause havoc for your pipes with the temperatures potentially freezing them up and cutting off your water supply. Any further changes in temperature can often result in pipework bursting causing mayhem in your homes and on the road. That’s why we always advise our customers to make sure they lag their pipes and follow our advice for making sure they stay safe this winter.

How to get your home winter ready

When it's cold outside it's important to have your home

We want to make sure that you're ready for whatever winter throws at you.

So here's how you can get your home winter ready for when the temperature drops.

Spot the potential problem areas

Keep an eye out for any pipes, taps, cisterns, tanks and water meters in unheated areas that might be exposed to freezing temperatures.

Protect your pipes and taps

After identifying the pipes and taps most at risk, wrap them in lagging. Cut a piece of lagging to length and clip it on, you can then secure the lagging with cable ties as an extra measure, if you have some available.

Keep your central heating ticking over

Heating a home is expensive, but so is a burst pipe. If you can, try to leave your heating on constantly at a low temperature. If severe weather is forecast, set the heating to your usual level, day and night.

Get to grips with your stop tap

Shutting off the stop tap is the first thing you’ll need to do if your pipes freeze and then burst. They are usually located under your kitchen sink. It’s worth checking now where your stop tap is.

Get your home winter ready

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How to deal with frozen pipe

Protecting your pipes

Winter is here so make sure your home is winter ready and prepared for those cold snaps!

Sub-zero temperatures could spell disaster for your home. Avoid frozen pipes during cold snaps that could leave you and your family without water and heat. If your pipes burst, you could end up cleaning up an almighty mess.

Whether you're a household customer who wants to lag your pipes or a head teacher who needs to keep your school safe, we've got all the information you need.

Report a leak

During winter sub-zero temperatures cause underground pipes to contract and thaw, resulting in leaks or bursts occurring which are then fixed by Yorkshire Water. We have a dedicated team of over 200 leakage inspectors who are very busy maintaining water mains and preventing water supply disruptions.

Prolonged freezing weather can lead to a spike in our repair work, but we are committed in the long term to reducing our leakage rate by a massive 40 per cent by 2025 as we know this is what customers demand and deserve from us.

Need a little extra help this winter?

Here at Yorkshire Water, we know some of our customers need extra help from us.

That’s where our Priority Services Register for customers with additional needs comes in. We provide a wide range of additional support. We can help make bills and meters more accessible; provide temporary water if water supplies are interrupted and protect you from bogus callers.

Helping make your home winter ready