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Catchment Management

Works in Gordon Street, Scarborough

Updated: 4th October 2017

Our work digging down to understand the problem with the pipework beneath Gordon Street is progressing well. As you might expect when digging 5 metres deep into the ground, we have come across some things that were unexpected but these have been overcome. We're about half way down to the pipe now and expect to be able to see the pipe by the weekend.

Once this pipe is exposed we will be able to see what, if any repairs, are required and commence works. Following this will be the careful reinstatement of all the layers of earth we have removed to ensure that when we leave site, the road surface doesn't develop any further issues.  

We're expecting to be lifting the road closure and remove all of our excavation equipment no later than 27 October.

There is a diversion route in place, see the map below. 

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