Online lessons

We’re pleased to offer schools the opportunity to access our suite of online lessons, specifically created for Key Stage 2 students.

Here’s our education team to tell you a little bit more:

These online lessons are free of charge, cover a variety of topics, and allow you to deliver sessions irrespective of whether your students are in school, or at home.

Topics covered include:

  • The Water Cycle & States of Matter
  • Water Catchment  (Headingley WTW & Ewden WTW)
  • Water Treatment   (Headingley WTW)
  • Waste-Water Treatment (Ewden WWTW)
  • Living with Water
  • Water Safety
  • Pond Dipping (Due September 2020)

Our catchment, clean water and waste water films will focus on the process at one of our sites located within the Yorkshire region.

Online lesson Online lesson

When registering for the lessons, you will receive:

  • Links to our dedicated YouTube channel, where the lessons are hosted.
  • Teacher guidance notes for each subject
  • Student worksheets
  • Key words, extension activities and the answers to questions
  • A dedicated education adviser assigned to your school to support with any technical questions about Yorkshire Water, take part in live, or recorded, Q&A sessions with your students, or judge any water- based competitions that you may have during your topic work

To access these resources, you will need a YouTube account. Don’t worry – this is very easy and only takes a couple of minutes. You can use your existing email address and simply follow our short guide on how to set up an account, which is at the bottom of this page.  We recommended you using your school email address for teacher led sessions, and a generic email address if you want students to be able to access from home - in this way, you can share with students a generic email and password to access our site.

Once you have the email address for your account, please register for your lessons using our booking form. Please ensure you use your YouTube email address on the booking form so we can ensure your access is set up correctly when we receive your application.  It would be helpful if you could please indicate when you will be teaching the topic (month/half term) so we can allocate your request to one of our team. 

To access Yorkshire Water’s on-line lessons, you will need an account for YouTube. So please make sure you have one set up before submitting your request form.

Don’t worry – it’s easy to do!

  • Go to youtube.com
  • Click on the SIGN IN button - this can be found in the top right-hand corner of the home page
  • Click on ‘Create account
  • Choose either – ‘For myself’ or ‘To manage my business
  • Using ‘For myself’ – complete your name, and then click on ‘Use my current email address instead

Youtube account creation

  • Enter your password
  • Once completed, please complete our booking form.

Please use your YouTube email address when booking access to the lessons as this will make access to content much quicker.