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Experiencing blue discoloured Water?

Discoloured water is normally short lived and can often be cleared by allowing the first incoming cold water tap to run for five minutes.

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Discoloured Water: Blue

If your water is blue, please contact us immediately for some help and advice.

Contact us via a free call back to arrange for an inspection of your plumbing or if you have noticed this after having plumbing work done, please contact a plumber.

Roadworks & Incidents

Water supply issues can often be caused by works being carried out in your area. Enter your postcode to see if there are any roadworks or incidents that could be affecting you.

A blue colour in drinking water is very rare but when it happens it is usually due to one of two reasons;

Firstly, it may be due to corrosion of copper plumbing. The blue colour indicates that there are elevated levels of copper in the water. The problem only occurs where there is relatively new copper plumbing. Another risk factor is when water is left to stagnate in the newly installed pipes following pressure testing and before occupation of a property. Most recorded cases relate to large public buildings or new housing estates. Blue water is less likely to occur when work is undertaken by qualified plumbers and water company-approved contractors who will use only approved materials and procedures. The blue colour will disappear when the tap is run. If the colour persists though, you should contact us to arrange for an inspection of your plumbing. We can test your water and provide advice on how to improve your water quality.

The second reason relates to the issue that some customers choose to install blue-coloured disinfectant in toilet cisterns. On rare occasions, blue-coloured tap water can also be due to such water from poorly installed toilet cisterns siphoning back into the internal plumbing. You may notice this after having plumbing work done or if moving into a refurbished property for the first time. To get information on how to get an approved plumber click here.