First time sewerage

Yorkshire Water have a legal duty to work out the most economical and practical way to provide effective drainage for domestic sewerage where the current drainage for two or more properties is unsatisfactory. This is limited to circumstances where existing drainage systems, that are not connected to existing public sewers, are negatively affecting, or could negatively affect the environment and / or amenity of a community, and the best way of fixing the problem is by providing a public sewer.

If you would like to enquire about first time sewerage for existing properties, our dedicated team will be happy to guide you through the process and be your dedicated point of contact throughout. The application form provides information on how to apply for first time sewerage, under Section 101a of the Water Industry Act 1991.

Property owners or occupiers can ask Yorkshire Water to consider providing a public sewer where the sewerage system causing the adverse environmental effects, serves two or more domestic properties. Prior to applying, we suggest that you seek support of other property owners along with the support of your local parish or district council. We will also look to liaise with the local environmental health officer and the Environment Agency during the application process.

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