How we're delivering on our performance

Getting it right for customers is at the heart of everything we do. That's why we created our Blueprint for Yorkshire, planning our future with your priorities in mind.

Our performance commitments

In 2015 we agreed with you our seven outcomes. The outcomes are the things that are important to you. To make sure that we are on track in providing these outcomes there are 26 performance commitments that track how well we are delivering on the promises we made. Each year we report to you on how we’re doing in delivering on our commitments. It’s important to us that you understand and trust the information we provide.

Meeting our customer promises - Stability and Reliability Factors

In 2015 we agreed seven outcomes with our customers, supported by 26 performance commitments. As part of our commitments we included four measures called Stability and Reliability (S&R) factors. These measures reflect how well we are providing water and waste water services over the short and long term.

To ensure that these measure effectively report on our services they are divided into a series of smaller measures called sub measures. It is very important to us that these measures are easy to understand and reflect what you told us was important to you. We have therefore published this guide to explain what the S&R factors are and how we will measure our performance against them. If you would like any more information regarding these measures please contact us.

Download our stability and reliability factors guide

Yorkshire Forum for Water Customers

In preparation for the next price review, we are working with an independent Customer Challenge Group. Known as the Yorkshire Forum for Water Customers the group are responsible for ensuring our customers’ views are fairly reflected in our business plan and ensure we are meeting the performance commitments we have made to customers.

The Yorkshire Forum for Water Customers has a key role in helping the industry regulator, Ofwat, scrutinise our business plans. The Yorkshire Forum for Water Customers is responsible for:

- challenging the quality of our customer engagement process

- challenging how well our proposed outcomes and outcome delivery incentives reflect our customers’ views and priorities

- monitoring progress against our performance commitments

- providing an independent evaluation to Ofwat on how well we have reflected our customers’ priorities within our business plans

This section will provide details of the membership of the group, minutes of recent meetings and information on the challenges which the Forum have provided during our ongoing customer consultation.

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Discover water

All water companies have their own set of performance commitments which have been individually developed to meet the needs and concerns of each company’s customers.

This can make it difficult to compare performance across different water companies so in recognition of this DiscoerWater.co.uk was launched.

Discover Water provides a 'dashboard' bringing together for the first time key information about water companies in England and Wales in one place for customers. The dashboard aims to be a clear and simple source for trustworthy and factual information including how companies are  performance against each other in key areas.

The information provided has been agreed by water companies, the water regulators, the UK and Welsh Governments and the Consumer Council for Water, which is the water watchdog.

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