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Catchment Management

Using data to help support our customers

The challenge 

Paying a water bill for some customers can be challenging due to their personal circumstances. To make sure we help any customers who might find themselves in this situation we are members of two data sharing agreements run by Experian and Call Credit. These provide data that enables us to see if a customer has a potential to struggle with their bill payments, allowing us to make interventions to help them with schemes like social tariffs or specific payment plans.

The insight

The data sharing provides us with access to household incomes, County Court Judgements and pay day loans information. We use these to identify which of our customers could fall into financial vulnerability.

Our customers told us that households who are struggling to pay are often overlooked until they fall into debt. Our social tariff is targeted at those on low income with a relatively high water bill, as these households find it harder to keep up with payments.

The impact 

By using data smartly in this way we are able to provide customers with the support they need to manage their bills, taking away any anxiety or worry they may previously have had.

The results show that we are getting this right for the customers.

75% of customers continue to pay once supported. 89% of customers receive a positive credit rating.

Need help with your bill?

We have a range of schemes available to help customers who may be struggling with their bills

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