Disposal of Waste Beer as a result of Covid-19

During the COVID-19 pandemic the normal rules for destruction of waste beer have been relaxed by HMRC to allow pub staff to act as the authorised company representative for a brewer to destroy beer in order that alcohol duty can be recovered.

Under normal circumstances we don't condone the disposal of waste beer to the sewer network, however, during these unprecedented times we will, wherever possible, try and accommodate this disposal method. Please note this is only a temporary process and should only be used for the disposal of waste beer due to Covid-19.

Requests should preferably be made via your Retailer. Alternatively you can contact Yorkshire water direct via email - wastebeer@yorkshirewater.co.uk

Your request should detail the following:

  • Establishment name
  • Establishment full address with postcode
  • Volume of beer to be disposed of
  • Contact details of responsible person at the establishment – telephone numbers & email address.

We understand the urgency in your request and are working as quickly as we can and are providing dedicated resource to this task. We are turning requests around within 3 - 5 business days where possible. Due to the volume of applications, we ask you only submit your application once. If you’ve already applied there’s no need to get in touch again - we’ll be in contact with you shortly.
Please be aware that, without written consent from the Wholesaler to discharge to the public sewer, it is a criminal offence under the Water Industry Act 1991 and enforcement action may be taken against the occupier of the premise if they incorrectly dispose of the waste product.