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Has your bill increased? Find out how your water use can affect you bill.

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Water use and your bill

Whether it’s for work or staycations, many of us are spending more time at home and we're using water differently. This means more cups of tea, extra toilet flushes and lots of dishes to wash – it all adds up!

If you’re on a water meter, we base your bill on the amount of water you use. If you’re using more, your bill will go up. If you use less, your bill will go down.

How do you work out my payments?

We look at the balance on your account and your last 2 meter readings. We use these numbers to estimate how much water you’ll use in the next year.

Will my payments change?

We work out your payments based on how much water we think you’ll use. If you use more or less than we thought, your payments might change. If your payments change, we’ll let you know.

If I use less water, will I get money back?

If you’ve paid for a lot more water than you’ve used, there’s no need to get in touch, we’ll send you a refund. If you've paid for a little bit more than you've used, your next payments could be slightly lower.

Can I change my payments?

We work out your payments based on how much water you’re using. There’s no need to change your payments unless something changes, like the number of people in your house.

It’s easy to keep track of your bills and payments with an online account.

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Can I get help paying my bill?

We don’t want anyone to worry about paying for the water they need. If you’re struggling to pay, we've got schemes you can apply for to make managing your bills easier.

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How much water am I using?

Hose pipes and sprinklers use a whopping 1,000 litres of water every hour costing £3.17!

Using a watering can instead is a really easy way to save water.


Your toilet uses 5 litres every time you flush which costs 1.8p. Older toilets, made before 2001, use 10 litres which costs 3.2p.

Fit a Flushsaver and every person in your house could save £8.32 over the year!

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Have a relaxing soak in the bath and you'll use 80 litres of water which costs 25p.

Swap one bath for a shower every week and you'll save £6.59 over the year.

Washing machine

Putting a wash on uses 50 litres and costs 16p.

Cut the cost by making sure you've got a full load - one less wash every week will save you £8.23 over the year.

Leave the tap running while you brush your teeth and you'll use 6 litres.

Turn it off and every person in your house will save £1.98 over the year.

Cup of tea

Make 3 cuppas and you'll use 1 litre costing 0.3p.

Keep costs low by only boiling what you need and you could make 100 brews for just 11p, bargain!

Doing the washing up uses 12 litres of water and costs 3.8p.

Make the most of this water by reusing it to water your garden.


Taking a shower uses 40 litres of water and costs 13p. If you have a power shower, you'll use 150 litres which costs 48p.

Spend 1 minute less in the shower and you'll save loads!

Pop the dishwasher on and you'll use 14 litres costing 4p.

Cut the cost by making sure you've got a full load, two less washes every week will save you £4.61 over the year.

These numbers are based on average water use. Costs are worked out by adding the water and sewerage charges per litre used, they do not include standing charges.

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More ways to save water

It’s really easy to reduce your next bills by making a few small changes. Visit our save water page to find more water saving tips and order your free water saving pack.

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We're here to help

This year has been challenging for us all and the last thing we’d want is anyone worrying about how they’ll pay their water bill. If you’re struggling, please get in touch or apply for one of our schemes.

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