Frequently asked questions

  1. The additional leaflet we sent you outlines our responsibilities around the use of your personal data and covers what Credit Reference Agencies and Fraud Prevention Agencies do with data that we share with them. We're legally obliged under the Data Protection Act 1998 to clearly explain what we will and won't do with your data. 

    NB: this is only sent to new customers

  2. Please contact us with the executors' details and tell us whether the property is now unoccupied.

    To contact us, there's no need to pick up the phone, you can use our Live Chat or Request a Free Callback option on our website.

  3. Please give us details of your name change on our online form.

    In the Your Message section of the form please select:
    1. Your Account / Bill Enquiry from the Business Area dropdown menu and
    2. Name Amendments from the Subject dropdown menu
  4. Just complete our Change the way you pay form with your new details and we’ll replace your old Direct Debit.

  5. Yes. Please get in touch, so that we can take your details.

  6. You can check with your bank to see if the money has left your bank account or get in touch with us and we'll let you know.

  7. You can view and manage your bills on our website.

    Register your online account

    Log into your online account
  8. To contact us, there's no need to pick up the phone, you can use our Live Chat or Request a Free Callback option on our website.
  9. Please get in touch here.

  10. We accept payments by Solo, Maestro, Visa and Delta or by Visa Debit and MasterCard.
  11. Our bills are calculated based on your previous water usage or the number of occupiers in your home. You can give us your reading online and a revised bill will be issued.

    If it's not safe to read your meter, please contact us. There's no need to pick up the phone, you can use our Live Chat or Request a Free Callback option on our website.
  12. If your payments are up to date there's no need to worry. Our reminder could have crossed in the post with your payment.
    Please get in touch if you would like to check that we've received your payment.

  13. You can pay your bill by debit or credit card by telephone by using our automated bill payment service by phoning 0345 1 247 247 (available 24 hours a day).

  14. We want to help you if you can't pay your bill. If you don't pay or contact us, we will give you 7 days to bring your payments up to date, but if you can't pay in full in that time, please contact using the links at the bottom of this page.

    If you don't pay or contact us we may:

    • Issue a County Court claim which will add costs to your bill.
    • Apply to the county court to ask for a judgment to be entered against you.

    If you don't pay the judgment order, we will ask the court to issue:

    • Attachment of Earnings: the court will contact your employer to deduct money from your wage OR
    • Writ of Control: A High Court Enforcement Officer will visit your home and make take your belongings OR
    • Charging Order: if you own your own your home we will ask the court to put a charge on it, which may prevent you re-mortgaging or selling your home OR
    • Warrant of Control: A County Court bailiff will visit your home and may take your belongings

    If we are unable to enforce the judgment, we will pass your account to an External Debt Collection Agency.

    We don't want to have to take any of these actions, so please contact us, there's no need to pick up the phone, you can use our Live Chat or Request a Free Callback option on our website.
  15. Sorry, we don't offer discounts to students.
  16. You'll normally pay a standing charge based on the size of the meter and a volume charge for the water used.
  17. Bills are due when they're issued unless you have a payment plan with us. If you don't know when your payments are due, please get in touch here.

  18. Please get in touch and we'll let you know.

  19. Standing charges include the costs of billing and customer service facilities and the fixed costs in the provision and maintenance of the water supply and sewerage system.

    Unlike the volume charge, they are not related to the amount of water which you use. If you do not use any water only the standing charge will be payable.

    The Surface Water Drainage charge covers the cost of draining rainwater from your property. If no rainwater from your property drains to the public sewer then you don't have to pay this charge.

  20. If your property is vacant and uninhabitable plus no water is used, you can ask us to cancel your charges.

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