Improving our reservoirs

Yorkshire Water has many reservoirs around the region that are enjoyed by our customers and we're continually working hard to make sure we set a high standard.

In this section, you'll find out more about the reservoirs we have in Yorkshire and the work we do to maintain and improve them.

Our investment in our reservoirs

There are over 400 supply reservoirs around the region that help us provide our customers with some of the best drinking water in the world.

Our reservoirs vary in size and it's unlikely you will have seen many of them as most are actually buried underground. Many have been in operation between 25 and 100 years and whilst they're regularly maintained, further investment will enable us to further improve the quality of water customers' receive.

We have invested millions of pounds in reservoir improvements to enhance our reservoirs. Some of these include popular destinations for walkers, fishermen and cyclists alike, and our work may impact on these facilities.