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Yorkshire customers’ satisfaction with water bills above national average

An independent report released today (Tuesday 20 June) shows Yorkshire Water customers are among the most satisfied with the value for money of their water bills. 

The Consumer Council for Water (CC Water) has released its 10th Water Matters report, which highlights us as one of six water companies “leading the way on customer satisfaction with value for money”. 

The results of the research show that we are at or above the national average on all measures of customer satisfaction with service and value for money, on fairness, trust and integrity.

CC Water surveyed 5,400 customers nationally and found that 93% of bill payers were satisfied with their water supply and 88% were satisfied with their sewerage service. In Yorkshire, 93% were satisfied with their water supply and 91% were satisfied with their sewerage supply.  
The report also highlights:       

• Customer perception that companies care about the services they provide, and customer trust in water companies both remain high. Customer perception that companies care is 72% in Yorkshire and 70% nationally. Trust in Yorkshire Water is 7.72, the national average is 7.59 

• Customer perception of the charges they pay being fair is stable over the last five years. The national average score is 64%, in Yorkshire the score is 71% 

• 77% of Yorkshire Water customers agreed their water and sewerage charges were affordable. Nationally the average score was 75%

Richard Flint, Yorkshire Water chief executive, said: “It is pleasing to be highlighted as leading the way with our customer service, but we know there’s always more we can do. 

“Over the summer and autumn months our customers will be given an unprecedented opportunity to work with us to co-create the future of water and waste water services in Yorkshire.

“We have already recruited 1,000 customers to an online community where we test our ideas and in the next few months will be working with customers to create together our next behaviour change campaigns.

“We have also commissioned several pieces of research into customers’ needs and priorities both now and in the future, as well as to look carefully at the different communities we have across Yorkshire and how we can do more to meet the needs of vulnerable people.” 

Tony Smith, CC Water’s chief executive, said: “Water customers’ satisfaction with value for money has improved over the past decade but the industry cannot afford to be complacent.

“Value for money is not just about reducing bills. It’s about water companies sharing their financial successes with customers and showing them how their money is being used to provide an excellent service that meets their expectations.” 

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