West Yorkshire’s leakiest water supply pipes get upgraded

Yorkshire Water is carrying out a £600,000 scheme in six towns and cities to renew 131 water supply pipes feeding people’s homes, as the firm aims to slash the amount of water lost through leaks.

The residential supply pipes that are being upgraded – by contract partner Morrison Utility Services - have been identified as some of the leakiest in Barnsley, Leeds, Huddersfield, Wakefield, Halifax and Sheffield and will be replaced by new plastic equivalents.

Usually, supply pipes are the responsibility of customers to look after as they fall within property boundaries under driveways and gardens, but Yorkshire Water is carrying out the work free of charge as part of reducing its leakage rate by one million litres per day from supply pipes.

Overall, the 131 water supply pipes being renewed across West Yorkshire will save 1.2 million litres per day.

Jonathan LeMoine, senior project manager at Yorkshire Water, said: “This is an important project and will ensure we can continue supply quality drinking water and minimise future disruption to customers supplies. We’d like to thank residents who have been affected by it and we are pleased that people can see the benefits of what we’re doing. It’s part of a wider programme of work to reduce leakage across the county, which includes the hiring of around 200 new leakage inspectors to help find and fix burst pipes.”