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Yorkshire Water customers raise over £25,000 for WaterAid charity

Customers of Yorkshire Water raised an impressive £25,984 last year for the international charity WaterAid.

The money was raised via inserts placed in bills sent out to all the firm’s customers, with 350 customers taking action and pledging to donate for the worthy charity.

WaterAid helps millions of people in some of the world’s poorest countries that lack access to clean water to drink, decent toilet facilities and good hygiene.

The charity, set up by the UK water industry in 1981, states that diseases caused by dirty water and poor sanitation, such as diarrhoea, kill a child under 5 every 2 minutes across the planet.

Anne Reed, corporate social responsibility advisor at Yorkshire Water, said: “Since we started encouraging our customers to support WaterAid way back in 1993, they have gone on to raise an amazing £11,686,465 with over 15,000 signing up to support WaterAid. We would like to thank the generosity of Yorkshire folk who realise that access to clean water and toilets should be basic human right and is a vital cause worth supporting.”

Christine Mellor, Water Industry Partnerships Manager at WaterAid, said: “We all know that water is a precious resource that we cannot take for granted, and we are delighted that Yorkshire Water is raising awareness of this important issue at home. The support from their customers will help transform the lives of those living in some of the world’s poorest communities for good.”

In 2014 Yorkshire Water launched its own ‘Big Wish for Ethiopia’ campaign and earlier this year reached its fundraising target of £1 million to help deliver clean water and safe toilets to 170,00 households in the country.

Since 1993, the firm has raised around £5m for WaterAid.

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