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MP throws support behind Yorkshire Water wet wipes campaign

Thelma Walker, MP for Colne Valley has given her support to Yorkshire Water’s wet wipes awareness campaign after spending time with members of the firm’s blockage team.

The firm is called out to more than 30,000 sewer blockages every year, costing £2.4 million with 40% of incidents caused by wipes. 

Ms Walker learnt how wet wipes can build up and block pipes, causing serious problems in the sewer network. Even wipes which are labelled “flushable” cause issues as the plastic in the wipes does not break down in the sewers like toilet paper, meaning they can cause pipes to block and waste water to come back up through toilets and sinks. 

After seeing how wipes can build up and cause problems for customers and the environment, Ms Walker said: “It was fascinating to see the work that Yorkshire Water are doing in this area - and I am fully supportive of their efforts to protect our environment.”

Customer Service Manager at Yorkshire Water, Tom Phillips said: “Flushing wipes down the toilet can have horrible repercussions to our customers’ homes. They do not break down and can quickly build up, cause blockages which are not only unpleasant but can cost homeowners a lot of time and money to clear up. 

“There’s a simple rule for things you should flush down the toilet; stick to the three Ps – pee, poo and paper.” 

For more information visit our blockages webpage.

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